2022 Costs for Original Medicare

Original Medicare consists of Medicare Part A and Part B. The coverage remains the same, but the 2022 costs for Original Medicare are slightly different from those in 2021. Here, you will see how premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance costs have changed for Part A and Part B.

What Are Part A’s Costs In 2022?

Part A – the part of Medicare responsible for covering inpatient costs – has made small changes in its premiums, deductibles, and daily coinsurance costs.

The premium cost changes only affect those who don’t have premium-free Part A. The 2022 Part A premiums are:

  • $274 if you worked at least 30 tax quarters
  • $499 if you worked fewer than 30 tax quarters

The deductible is $1,556 per benefit period.

Hospital daily coinsurance is $0 for the first 60 days of a hospital stay, but the 2022 coinsurance costs are:

  • $389 per day for days 61-90
  • $778 per day for days 91-150
  • All costs after day 150

For skilled nursing facilities, there are no coinsurance costs for the first 20 days. After that, the coinsurance is:

  • $194 daily for days 21-100
  • All costs after day 100

What Are Part B’s Costs In 2022?

Part B has had changes in premiums and deductibles, but it still covers 80% of outpatient costs like in years past.

The premiums are based on reported gross income from your 2020 tax filings. For individuals who earned $91,000 and under, and those filing jointly with earnings of $182,000 or less, the premium will be $170.10.

Those filing individually will pay these amounts in premiums:

  • $238.10 (if earned over $91,000 up to $114,000)
  • $340.20 (if earned over $114,000 up to $142,000)
  • $442.30 (if earned over $142,000 up to $170,000)
  • $544.30 (if earned over $170,000 but less than $500,000)
  • $578.30 (if earned $500,000 or more)

If filing jointly, the same premiums will apply, with the qualifying earnings multiplied by two. Though for the $544.30 premium, joint earnings would have to be over $340,000, but less than $750,000. Joint filers would pay $578.30 for earnings at or above $750,000.

If you filed as married and separate, Part B premiums will be:

  • $170.10 if earned less than $91,000)
  • $544.30 (if earned over $91,000 but less than $409,000)
  • $578.30 (if earned $409,000 or more)

The Part B annual deductible is $233 in 2022.

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