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Will Medicare Cover Eye Exams?

By webteam | March 30, 2022 |

Original Medicare doesn’t cover your routine eye exams but will cover exams related to other conditions. For routine eye exams, you may find coverage through Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare Coverage…

Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids?

By webteam | March 29, 2022 |

Original Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, but Medicare Advantage may actually include some hearing aid coverage. What Medicare Doesn’t Cover and Why Medicare doesn’t hide the fact that…

When Can I Enroll in Part D?

By webteam | February 28, 2022 |

Part D is the prescription drug component of the Medicare program. If you want to get Part D coverage, you must enroll during the proper enrollment period. To learn more…

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Prescriptions?

By webteam | February 27, 2022 |

Medicare Advantage plans often cover prescription drug coverage, though not all plans include this benefit. Keep reading to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans and the coverage you can expect. …

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Medicare in 2022?

By webteam | January 31, 2022 |

As a senior, you can get Medicare coverage when you turn 65. If you have a qualifying disability, you can receive Medicare benefits after 24 months of disability benefits. Seniors…

What is in the Medicare Handbook for 2022?

By webteam | January 30, 2022 |

The Medicare & You handbook, published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is updated every year with helpful information for Medicare beneficiaries. New Updates in the 2022 Handbook…

Why Is Medicare Important For Seniors?

By webteam | January 29, 2022 |

Medicare is a vital program that provides coverage for seniors and people under 65 with disabilities. It helps them pay for the medical services they need, such as doctor visits,…

What do the Parts of Medicare Cover?

By webteam | January 28, 2022 |

If you’re a senior who is curious about what Medicare covers or if you want to know how it works, we’re here to help you gain a good understanding of…

2022 Costs for Part C and Part D

By webteam | January 27, 2022 |

Medicare Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D set themselves apart from Original Medicare, as they are exclusively offered through private health insurance. However, there are…

2022 Costs for Original Medicare

By webteam | January 26, 2022 |

Original Medicare consists of Medicare Part A and Part B. The coverage remains the same, but the 2022 costs for Original Medicare are slightly different from those in 2021. Here,…

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