Medicare supplements are an effective way to lessen medical bills and reduce the costs that can come with Medicare. Purchasing supplemental insurance is a decision that many make so that they’re protected in the event of heightened bills.


While Medicare can significantly reduce medical bills, it isn’t without costs itself.  Deductibles, coinsurance and premiums all need to be paid out-of-pocket.  Depending on the medical services used, these prices can grow rapidly.  Medicare supplemental insurance, or Medigap, exists to cover some of these costs and make this form of health insurance more affordable.

Medigap is only available to those enrolled in Original Medicare.  Because Medicare Advantage allows for so much variation, creating supplemental insurance would be too complicated.  Those enrolled in Original Medicare should consider Medigap because it could significantly reduce the amount they owe in a medical event.

Medigap is completely separate from Medicare, in that having one policy will not impact the other.  While Medigap does cover some of the costs that can come with a Medicare policy, it won’t change your enrollment or beneficiary status.

Medigap policies

There are ten different Medigap policies.  They are each fairly similar and cover a percentage of some Medicare costs.  Beneficiaries looking to reduce their Medicare bills should consider a Medigap policy and the coverage it could bring them.

When looking through each policy, it’s important to notice the details.  While a small difference in percentage coverage may not seem like a determinant, it can represent thousands of dollars.  Understanding the details of your policy is essential in using your insurance to its full extent, so be knowledgeable about the policy you enroll in.

While Medigap does provide substantial coverage, it will not give beneficiaries any other benefits.  This means that while they’ll save money on their Medicare bills, they won’t have access to more treatment or other medical procedures.

Purchasing supplemental insurance

Medigap policies are sold through private insurance agencies.  Each policy is standardized, so it’ll include the same coverage regardless of what agency it’s purchased from.  Not all agencies will sell all ten policies, however, so it’s important to research and find an agency that sells the insurance you’re looking for.  It can be complicated to make changes to your Medigap policy, so you should always be confident that you’re making the right choice during your initial enrollment.

Though companies that sell Medigap are not directly correlated with Medicare, they will have an idea of the workings and structure of this health insurance system.  When finding an agency, select one that you trust and find an agent that will answer all your questions.  Having access to reliable information is one of the most important parts of being able to select the right insurance policy.

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