Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids?

Original Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, but Medicare Advantage may actually include some hearing aid coverage.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover and Why

Medicare doesn’t hide the fact that it doesn’t cover hearing aids. It also makes it obvious that they don’t cover any other hearing benefits or dental and vision benefits, either.

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) covers emergency hospital care and general medical care, including preventative care. Dental, vision, and hearing should be covered by these terms, right? Unfortunately, no.

You may receive dental, vision, and hearing coverage in the case of an emergency or for the treatment of another covered condition, such as diabetes. However, hearing aids do not fall into this category. They are not considered “medically necessary” to any treatment and are not covered by Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage and Other Options for Hearing Aids

What about something that offers more coverage and provider options? Medicare Advantage is offered by private insurers and often advertise dental, vision, and hearing benefits. While exact benefits will vary, many Advantage plans cover hearing aids.

Your specific options and the amount of coverage will vary based on your location, plan, and provider. But, you can nonetheless find the coverage that works best for you.

If you’re eligible for Original Medicare, you’re eligible for Medicare Advantage. It is very easy to enroll in a plan, either when you’re first eligible at age 65 or during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), which takes place from October 15th through December 7th.

The sooner you start looking for and comparing Medicare Advantage plans in your area, the better hearing aid coverage you may be able to find.

Medicare Advantage is a great option for hearing aids but may not offer all of the vision or dental benefits you’re looking for. Suppose you are interested in all three benefits. In that case, you may opt for a standalone dental, vision, and hearing plan outside of Medicare — just be sure to compare your options and choose what’s best for you. Medicare Advantage plans have many other benefits that you may not want to miss out on!

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